The Story Behind the Songs

Now that the album is complete, a lot of people are asking about the title of the album and the story behind the songs, So here it is in black and white!

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The story behind the title and songs.

“Why is it titled “Mystique” when there is no song with that name?

“Mystique” was named mainly to identify the album. The melodies are primarily mysterious in sound thus a theme title was created for the album.

The definition of Mystique” is french in origin and has the definition: “An aura of mystery or mystical power surrounding a particular occupation or pursuit”

The songs were composed over half of my lifetime and reflect one or more events.

The story behind the compositions:

  • Metamorphosis– Represents a change, for example a Caterpillar who emerges as a butterfly… one who is weak and becomes strong…the Alpha and the Omega, from darkness to light….it is power….a rebirth…it all symbolizes positive change.
  • The Sacrifice– Sometimes we make choices, in order to grow or advance. Those choices sometimes include the hardest. It could mean sacrificing ourselves in order to save a life or a dozen or sacrificing an object to gain another…that is the meaning of this song. To Sacrifice.
  • Ballerina-is a dance…a unique ability of movement that is pure of gracefulness, like a tree in the wind. There is an innocence to it. A child that mimics the sound of music creating a Ballerina.
  • For Dreams May Come-Living here in the big city…surrounded by tall mass buildings of glass and rock. The sounds of horns, jets and planes…The smell of toxins you can see in vain. The sun hidden and the stars at night are just a faded glimpse of sight…It’s not a place to dream, find a lake…open space and become one with the stars in the sky…or become the sky! The sound is pure and the wind is calm. Now you can dream….For Dreams May Come.
  • Katiyimo-Native word meaning Mystery Mesa. This hidden place beholds a mesa full of intrigue and mystery. This place hears your prayers, your thoughts…it has a way of coming to life. Its a place of healing, memories, a place of solitude, just u, the sky, earth and wind, it reveals secrets only to you and for you only. This is the Mystery Mesa, Katiyimo!
  • Somewhere In Time-Sometimes i like to close my eyes and imagine myself in another time or place. What would it be like, who would i meet? What adventures i would have it were for real…to be Somewhere in Time.
  • Pompeii– Talking about time, for me, Pompeii, has always been an intriguing place, even though, i have never been to visit. Images i have seen of Pompeii, brings to me, a haunting chill that comes from my inner soul as though i had a life there…as i look at the images, i can smell Pumice, ash with a mixture of Sulfur. I can sense a feeling of  peacefulness there. I was madly in love with a beautiful girl and i was in charge of building wooden ships. It happened while i was at sea. It had turned day to night, a sound like thunder like no other, and it was all over. I lost everything there, Pompeii……
  • The Cove- I am overly drawn to piers and shores of ocean waters…the time is always the same….sunset, something happened here at this time, this place, a cove of some sort somewhere, a distant place. I lost someone special here. Memory is dark but the feeling is strong. I wasn’t the only one. There are many who lost loved ones from this Cove. Waiting along this pier, for whoever it is to return. This is, The Cove.
  • Invictus Maneo- A song composed in an attempt to fight defeat. Sometimes life can make u stand still, hold you back or plainly knock you down. When we hit bottom, we become strong, if there is a fight inside us, we call out to the forces at hand that we will not give up…we refuse defeat! Or we will die undefeated, Invictus Maneo, is Latin for “i am undefeated” It is also the motto for the Armstrong clan of Scotland.
  • Close to me– This could be a love song of happiness, or a song that someone has passed on yet we feel them close. In happiness, the person you spend your life with can be joyous, a partnership! Your best friend…. Dedicated to my life partner and best friend as well, my Soul mate!
  • The Genesis Project- This was an idea i had as a kid, a device that can literally transform a dead planet into a livable planet, on a human scale…i also saw it as a way to regenerate those people who lost a leg or arm. Then i realized i was not the only one with this dream. I saw the idea on a Star Trek episode or movie as well other movies that were made. But the idea was to restart a planets bio life.
  • Utopia- Falls inline with the genesis project as a self-sustaining planet that is perfect in every way… There is no disease, no need to eat meat as there is an abundance of fruits and vegetables Water is pure as the air you’d breath. Its my vacation spot deep n my mind, it is Utopia.


(c) StarMan Music c/o Sean Christopher


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