La Tuna Canyon Fire

September 1st 2017 marked the week of a huge fire in my part of town. At the loss of power, I had to place my 2nd album on hold but things did not go “unproductive” I managed to take photos and video of the events going on and also Composed a song to go along […]

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Gone To The Dogs!

City of Los Angeles….. Most would say or advertise that this is the best city in America? On my end, from my view, I could thankfully say “No it’s not” I will give you one example. Other than being a music Composer and working as much as I can on my 2nd album, it does not pay the bills so, I have to work a regular job to maintain a living status.

I work for Film crews while on location and in one particular area I can no longer stand is Downtown Los Angeles! This city has opened up these old buildings and new ones to high rise Apartment living bringing people in from all over the USA, as well as…..well Mans best friend…..Woof!

I have nothing against Dogs…I love dogs! So this blog has nothing to do with hating dogs….The rant goes to the owners as well as city officials. This must change!

6th and Spring Apartments

So here I am on a job site, 6th and Spring st. Downtown Los Angeles. It’s summer and outside is about 102 degrees, 12 hours on the sidewalk working. Every hour that passes by brings about 10 different dogs, large and small. I’m sitting in a chair eating my lunch and this lady brings her big dog 2 feet away from me to allow her dog to urinate and crap on the walkway!


Worse than that?  Is that these people do this so close to places where people sit down to eat and drink! WHY???

If it’s not there, they bring the dogs to a tree like the one pictured below


Poor tree! but can you imagine the smell??? No wonder the trees are dying.

Well after 12 or more hours I am stuck in this spot along the sidewalk I cannot fully detail the smell of feces and urine of 100+dogs on a daily basis 7 days a week. Not only do I have to suffer from that but I have to look at this on many occasions. (pictured Below)


Add in a hot summers day and the combo is like going into the worst chef cooking restaurant who has just burned the Limburger cheese!


By all means people, walk your dogs! but be considerate when there are people working on the sidewalk. And to the City of Los Angeles officials, if you are going to increase the population in this manner, you are going to have to come up with a creative and sanitized way so people can walk their dogs without destroying the beauty of Downtown!

Here is one idea for you folks who adore apartment life living but don’t think about your pets who have to wait all day for your return to relieve themselves!

dog pee1

They want grass! not concrete! Get them one of these and keep them happy! keep us all happy!  #DOGPOTTY

The beauty of a city relies on it’s people that live in it….Do things to keep it’s beauty….I would assume that’s why you moved to LA? For it’s beauty? or destroy it by trashing, defecating and urinating. That’s all I have to say!

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The End?

Well, that’s it. I have reached the end…..Budget wise of course. I have used all the money i have saved up to run my first album project. It’s over. The websites, the promo sites and services. Yes it cost to have your music on some sites that are actually supposed to bring in the crowds […]

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As I near the close of my world of music, I am feeling many things. mainly frustration or disappointment would be more like it. I guess I had too many expectations? I was perhaps looking for more support from people I knew…..But it also felt like I was forcing it on them as well…that’s why […]

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